What to expect

  • Prices are based on the number of Zoom locations (for virtual classes) or number of participants (for in-person classes).
  • Choose either a 60 or 90-minute class.
  • Tailor the class towards your needs.
  • 60-minute classes cover 3 wines and 90-minute classes cover 4 wines.
  • Various wine levels available.

Choose your tier level

  • Everyday wines ($20-$25/bottle average)
  • Mid-level tier ($50-60/bottle average)
  • Upper-level tier ($80+/bottle average)
  • Hybrid tier (combination of above)

VIP Wine Experience

For food and wine lovers!

Are you looking to take your wine education to the next level? Perhaps something more intimate to impress your closest friends or business colleagues?

This is an up close and personal wine experience like none other and the class is tailored specifically for you and your guests. The experience includes the following:

  • 60-minute wine class
  • Four beautifully paired gourmet small courses (add’l courses can be added)
  • Four wines tailored to your preference (add’l wines can be added)
  • Up to 10 total guests
Sushi tower a Green Mangos Catering Dish

“Why wine? Because no great story started with someone eating a salad.

Thao Moore, WSET Level 3 Certified in Wines

Thao’s passion for food is closely followed by her love of wine. She studied wine in California and the Twin Cities. Thao is WSET Level 3 Wines Certified from Napa Valley Wine Academy. She further honed her wine skills by shadowing various head winemakers from Napa and Sonoma, CA.

“Why take our wine class?

The world of wine is fascinating, but can be intimidating. We’re here to break down the basics and make the class an enjoyable event for you and your guests!