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7 Days of Chicken

Awhile back, I made a fantastic chicken dish that I really enjoyed. If you’ve been following my blogs for a while, you understand my complete distaste for chicken.  Well, let’s be fair.  Not all chicken is bad, mind you.  It’s the dry, nasty (and did I say dry…and nasty) chicken breast that I don’t like.  […]

Fashionista I’m Not

When my seven year old was only two, she was very adamant about what she wore and what she didn’t wear.  I remember trying to put on what I thought was a cute dress for her.  At the tender age of two, she looked at the dress and proclaimed “No mommy.  Not this one.  THAT […]

Goodbye Dear Boy

When I first met Tom in the bowling alley long ago, he told me he had a dog and suggested that maybe we could take him for a walk.  I wasn’t a pet person per se, but I figured I could handle a little lap dog (as long as it didn’t try to lick my […]

Bob is Not the Devil

Last Christmas, Tom took our Golden Retriever, Farley, to Pet Smart to buy dog food. When he came home, he put some suspicious-looking pamphlets on the kitchen center island. I should have known better than to look at those pamphlets, but the sheer curiosity of it all got the better of me. Inside were inserts […]

Oysters Po’ Tom

When I crave food, it’s not the typical food that most people would crave.  It’s not chocolate or warm bread fresh out of the oven with butter slathered on top (although that doesn’t sound half bad).  No, when I crave something, it’s usually something like mussels in saffron broth or pappardelle with black truffles. Recently, […]

Meat Sticks

Now that summer is over, my kids are back in school.  Our three year-old is in preschool and our five year-old just started kindergarten.  There’s a sad unspoken feeling that parents experience when their kids grow up and leave the nest.  I know, I know.  Going to preschool and kindergarten is not exactly “leaving the […]