Angels in Our Midst

In today’s world, there are so many things that make me shake my head and wonder what has become of our society?  Whether you read the papers or watch TV, it seems like everyone is out for him/herself.  People don’t seem to think or care about others as much as they used to.  But there are times when someone walks into our lives, however brief it may be, and touch us in ways that leave an imprint on our hearts.

My kids and I went to the post office years ago to mail off some very important papers that are needed for my son’s school.  The deadline for the papers had come and the envelope had to be postmarked today.  As we were walking towards the building, I noticed an older woman smile at us as she was getting a package from the backseat that she was going to mail.  While we were in line, my daughter sat down on the low heater that stretched the length of the room.  The older woman we saw outside set her package down and sat on the heater next to my daughter.   She smiled at my daughter and asked her if she could sit next to her.  After some small talk, it was our turn to go to the next available clerk.

I set my stuff down and the clerk weighed the big envelope with the important papers.  My total came to $2.19.  I looked in my wallet and realized I hadn’t gone to the bank.  Other than spare change, my wallet was empty.  I had no concerns as I figured I’d use my credit card to pay.  Apparently, this post office just got a new computer system and the clerk was having trouble running my card through.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to come back to the post office again today, which would have meant I would miss my deadline.  All of a sudden, the older woman was beside me, asking how much money I needed.  I tried to tell her it was okay and the clerk would figure out the new system eventually.  She pulled out $2 and with my spare change, I had the $2.19 needed.  I asked the woman if I could have her address so I could pay her back.  As soon as I said this, I realized how awfully dumb that sounded, especially from a safety standpoint.  She shook her head and went back to the clerk who was helping her.

While the clerk was making one last attempt to run my credit card through, I thought quickly about how I could repay this person.  Just as the woman was wrapping up her transaction, it came to me.  I scrambled in my purse and gave the woman my business card.  I told her that I owned a catering company and to contact me.  I would love to drop something off for her.   She said no and that it would put me in the hole.  What she doesn’t realize is that when someone does something nice for me, I don’t forget it.  And it’s not a dollar for dollar thing.  It’s the random act of kindness that means the most.  She thanked me and left.  Just as quickly as this angel entered my life, she was now gone.  As if on cue, I saw that the computer had finally accepted my credit card.  It was as if time stood still just so I could experience this and remember the good in others.  I looked down and saw the two $1.00 bills still left on the counter.

All I want to say to the angel is this:  Thank you for your kindness.  Our brief exchange moved me more than you could realize.  Please contact me.  I will have a catered lunch for two waiting for you, along with your $2.00.